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There are different reasons for wanting to buy new Wheels or Rims. Maybe you want to enhance the look of your car, change the tyre size for performance or get something heavier duty for extreme 4x4. Whatever your reasons, we have a range to suit.

What is the difference between Rims and Wheels?

This is one that we get asked a bit and can create heated discussion on online forums. In most cases now they mean the same thing, however traditionally (and technically) they were 2 different things. A wheel is the entire metal part that the tyre goes onto, whereas the rim is the part of the wheel that holds the tyre in place. But if you ask us for a good rim to fit to your Landcruiser, we know what you mean.

What are Mag Wheels and Alloy Wheels?

Once again these are the same thing. Mag Wheels are so named because they are made from Magnesium (or Mag for short) Alloy. And yes you guessed it, Alloy Wheels are so named because they also are made from an alloy (of magnesium - or in some case Aluminium).

The major benefits of Mag Wheels (or Alloy Wheels) aside from looking great is their light weight construction. This helps reduce the overall weight of your car and therefore its performance; probably not enough for you to notice though.

Freight for Wheels start at only $55!!!

We will confirm your freight cost on your wheel quote.

Why use Steel for 4x4 Wheels?

A common argument is that for true four wheel driving in remote areas you should only use Steel. The argument states that Alloy can break whereas Steel will bend and once bent can be hammered back into shape. This may be true in some respects, but we don't come across many people who have ever hammered a steel wheel back into shape. Furthermore, Alloy 4x4 Wheels have come a long way from the early days and can stand up to some punishment. Not to mention Alloy is lighter so can reduce the stress on your suspension etc.

A better argument for Steel 4x4 Wheels is that they are generally more affordable. That means that you can spend a bit more on the Tyres that go onto the wheel.

So now you know a bit more about Wheels and Rims!

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