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FALKEN M/T LT265/70/17 121Q

FALKEN M/T LT265/70/17 121Q

Product Code: fALKEN 265/70R17 Mud
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FALKEN M/T  3 Ply Side Wall

The tough WILDPEAK M/T is built to get you there and back , mud, snow or rocks. The M/T features  three-ply DURASPECâ„¢ Sidewall Technology developed to sustain the most punishing off-road conditions. DURASPECâ„¢ also features two high ply turn-ups that provide an additional layer of protection and durability. Big side biters in the  upper sidewall provides additional traction at low air pressures. WILDPEAK M/T also features exceptional road manners thanks to an optimized variable three-pitch tread pattern