Tough Dog Shocks

Looking for Tough Dog Shock Absorbers?

Tough Dog Shocks are market leaders when it comes to high quality shocks at a great price for Australian conditions. Ace Tyres and Auto stock the full range of Tough Dog Shock Absorbers, including the 41mm Bore Foam Cell Shock Absorber that won the 4wd Action magazine best overall shock for 2011.

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Tough Dog Shocks Online?If you're looking for Tough Dog Shocks, we can help. We stock the full range of Tough Dog Shock Absorbers. Search for your vehicle in our suspension catalogue and look for the Tough Dog Logo.

Tuff Dog Shocks or Tough Dog Shocks?

IWhilst the correct spelling is Tough Dog Shocks, many people know them as Tuff Dog Shocks. This confusion is probably a result of the Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge, which is run every year in the Hunter Valley. This is a great testing ground for the Tough Dog Shocks.

Tough Dog Shock Absorbers

Tough Dog Foam Cell Shock Absorber - 41mm Bore

This is the one that won the 4wd Action Magazine "Best overall Shock" for 2011. Traditional hydraulic shocks suffer from fade when the oil starts to mix with the gas or air in the shock. This "Froth" reduces the viscosity of the oil and leads to a cushioning effect rather than a controlled resistance. Foam Cell Shock Absorbers use foam that cannot mix with air or gas.

Tough Dog Adjustable Shocks - 40mm and 45mm Bore

These are the world's biggest adjustable shock absorbers. Tough Dog Adjustable Shock Absorbers have 9 different settings, so you are sure to find the right level of firmness for your driving style and the road conditions. The 45mm Tough Dog Adjustable Shocks has been developed for 2" to 6" raised vehicles and is ideal for serious off road.

Tough Dog Ralph Shocks - 53mm Bore

This has been developed from a semi-trailer shock for serious toughness.The Tough Dog Ralph Shock Absorber has been made for Landcruisers, Patrols, Discovery and Defenders.

Tough Dog Nitrogen Gas Charged Shocks

These are perfect for on-road and moderate off-road use. They have been valved for smaller style 4x4 vehicles such as the Jimny.

Go to our 4x4 suspension catalogue, find your vehicle and look for the Tough Dog Logo to view our range of Tough Dog Shock Absorbers and other Tough Dog suspension parts. If you can't find what you are looking for fill in a "Request a Quote" form and we'll get back to you.