Automatic Transmission Service Brisbane

Do you need Automatic Transmission Repairs Brisbane?

Ace Tyres and Auto Care recommend regular automatic transmission servicing to avoid costly repairs or replacement. Your auto transmission operates under extreme conditions every time you drive your vehicle. Over time the transmission produces a build up of abrasive metal particles which, if not regularly serviced, can cause overheating, damage to transmission components and occasionally total failure.

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Auto Transmission Service Brisbane?We have been servicing cars in Brisbane for since 1995. We service all Makes and Models and are 4x4 specialists. Our Brisbane Mechanics are all fully qualified and experienced.

Signs your car needs an Automatic Transmission Service

  • Your 'Check Engine' dash light is illuminated
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Rough gear changes
  • Slow gear changes
  • Missing gear changes
  • A fast revving engine but the car is only moving slowly or not at all
  • Shuddering during gear changes
  • A humming, whining or buzzing sound
  • Burning smell

If you are unsure if your transmission is working properly or if you vehicle is just not driving as it used to don't hesitate to bring it into Ace Tyres and Auto Care and one of our experienced mechanic's can check it over before any serious damage occurs.

Automatic Transmission Repairs Brisbane

During our automatic transmission service our professional mechanic will carry out the following:

  • Drain existing auto fluid
  • Remove and clean the transmission oil pan
  • Inspect the removed transmission fluid for signs of debris indicating possible internal damage
  • Remove and clean or change the filter
  • Check and adjust the bands and controls if needed
  • Refit the filter
  • Refit the oil pan with a new gasket where necessary
  • Replace transmission fluid with new
  • Check transmission for fluid leaks
  • Check transmission during operation

If, during the inspection of the transmission pan, the oil is deemed to be overly degraded or contains excessive contaminants the mechanic may recommend a full transmission flush. This will remove any corrupt oil remaining in the torque converter or cooler pipes.

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Auto Transmission Brisbane

Occasionally it will be necessary to totally overhaul the automatic transmission. This may involve replacing your transmission with a reconditioned transmission or removing the existing transmission, reconditioning and then reinstalling.

Any extra work will always be approved by the vehicle owner before being carried out.

Please use caution when towing a trailer, boat or caravan. Always consult the owners manual to check the maximum towing capacity for your vehicle. Damage to the automatic transmission can occur if excessive loads are towed.

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